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Gear Up for the New Trend of Outdoor Tradeshows with These 10 Tips

As warmer weather approaches, outdoor tradeshows are gearing up to be in full swing!  Stay ahead of the curve with CCG’s top 10 tradeshow tips to help your brand take center stage at your next tradeshow appearance:

  1. Invite Attendees—Print and mailSave the Date” communications and post on social media to create awareness of the show and maximize attendance.
  2. Get Noticed with Grand Format—Capture the attention of attendees from the start.  Colorful tents, banners, 3D displays, and feather flags work wonderfully for immediate brand recognition. 
  3. The Swag—People LOVE free stuff!  Organize giveaways and hand out branded goodies to attendees to support brand recognition after the show. 
  4. Registrant Giveaway—Send branded kits to key prospects who have pre-registered to attend the event.  Offer special incentives to visit your exhibit or booth while creating an opportunity to spread brand awareness.
  5. PPE—Make your visitors feel safe!  Offer branded masks, antimicrobial products, and hand sanitizing stations at your booth as well as social distancing signage. 
  6. Staff—Have enough staff to allow for breaks and maintain a rested, engaged crew.
  7. Weather—Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Sunscreen is a great giveaway in the summer.
  8. Hydrate—Make sure you have enough water and snacks for staff to keep up the energy.
  9. Power—Add a charging station to your booth to make it a popular destination.
  10. Have Fun!—Make the day memorable and you’ll be guaranteed to score some new customers! 

By Marley Niesz

Put Forth Pizazz with Promo!

Did you know 80% of consumers own a promotional product?  While this is good news for brand visibility, how can organizations make their unique branding stand out among the rest?  CCG’s experts in branded merchandising work tirelessly to keep clients informed and on the forefront of promotional marketing trends.  From pens to polos, CCG combines vibrant art with the hottest products in the consumer market to help organizations increase visibility exponentially.

Where to start?  Branded kits have exploded on the market in 2021.  Useful for employee and client gifts, virtual conferences, giveaways, and more, kits make a warm impression and leave a lasting impact on recipients.  Want to keep it simple?  Writing instruments like pens are one of the best-selling promotional products of all time.  Welcoming new employees?  Employees love company-branded apparel.  No matter the product or occasion, contact our CCG experts to make your brand shine today! 

In the meantime—check out our February newsletter on trending promotional items for 2021!

By Marley Niesz