Get Ready for Earth Day with CCG!

Although Earth Day occurs just once each year, sustainability is relevant 365 days a year!  Did you know the printing industry plants 4 times more trees than they harvest each year for the production of paper? And did you know that not only can you be environmentally conscious with your print marketing decisions, but you can do the same with branded promotional products and packaging?

Marketers now have access to responsibly sourced promo products and innovative paper packaging to represent their brand and follow through on their commitment to our environment.  The use of paper packaging instead of plastic is nothing short of sustainability brilliance, considering that 75% of paper packaging is recycled. And here at CCG we encourage our clients to choose gifts and branded merchandise such as recyclable totes for shopping or reusable water bottles made from recycled products.  Responsibly sourced notebooks, backpacks, apparel, and more are all available through our promotion’s division.  Gift guilt-free with regard to the environment with thoughtful, sustainable products sourced from CCG!  

Through your marketing, your organization can encourage your consumers to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This is especially important and fitting as Earth Day approaches.  Check out these special eco-friendly products available through your CCG representative!

By Marley Niesz