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Trish Witkowski specializes in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail and marketing. She is also the curator of the world’s most exciting collection of folded print and direct mail samples, sharing the best of her collection on her popular e-video series, 60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week. Check out our two super-cool folds below, and request the dielines directly from us!
                           THE SWIRLING ACCORDION
  The Swirling Accordion fold is both
simple and surprising in its reveal. The finished format is circular in shape, but the unfolded shape is rectangular, which offers a more practical use of space for the content. Swirling Accordions are fun to design and unfold and intuitively fold back into place as the angled scores work in unison to swirl the panels around.
The Swirling Accordion is 25" by 5.25" unfolded and finishes in a circular format that is about 5.75" by 5.75". This format cannot self-mail; however, it can mail in a square envelope or a rectangular envelope with a rectangular insert in
the envelope for structure.
The Rectangular Snake fold offers the same characteristics and opening experience of the classic square-format Snake fold, built in a proportion that will not incur a surcharge for hand sorting at the post office.
The Rectangular Snake fold is 17.66" by 12.63" unfolded and finishes to a 6" by 4.25" rectangular format. This format can self-mail with tabs, and it also fits into an A6 envelope.
Scan this code with your mobile device to watch it unfold!
Scan this code with your mobile device to watch it unfold!
Fall 2018
                                                                                5Suspicious Activities to Watch For
 1 IP ratio: Publishers that are delivering installs in bulk from a specific IP should be investigated.
2 Low user retention/post-install events: When publishers’ performance results show as relatively low compared to average results in specific campaigns,
it could mean that the users are fake.
3 Certain patterns: Look out for patterns in measurements. For example, if all the users drop at the exact same step
in the events funnel, something’s not quite right.
4 Installs from the same device ID from multiple GEOs: Activity like this is impossible—unless you’re a bot!
5 Abnormal traffic hours: Massive numbers of clicks at abnormal hours, such as in the middle of the night, can be another bad sign.
We suggest you find a mobile partner who offers attribution, analytics, and fraud prevention. Three reputable companies to contact are Adjust, Kochava, and AppsFlyer—all of which offer their own specific solutions to SDK spoofing free to their clients.

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