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           Welcome to the Fall issue of Engage!
EXPERT OPINION Read insights from the following
contributors in this issue:
Carmen Shirkey Collins
At Cisco, Collins and her Talent Brand marketing team rely on social media as a vital tool to recruit and retain top talent. (Page 6)
Debbie Andrews
Debbie Andrews, Founder and President of Marketri, along with colleague George Jacob, share their advice and insight into the world of marketing plans. (Page 2)
Fall 2018
 w elcome to Q4, the time for budgets, growth plans, strategic plans, and, of course, marketing
plans! At Corporate Communications Group, we go through the same planning processes that any growth-oriented, forward-thinking organization completes in the fourth quarter of the year. And as we thought about marketing planning, yours and ours, it seemed appropriate
to seek out a few experts to talk about marketing plans—different types, reasons they work, and why they fail. Check out page 2 in our Insights section to hear from Debbie Andrews, a marketing plan expert who has personally worked on more than 100 marketing plans over her career, and her colleague George Jacob.
Cisco employs more than 70,000 employees, and chances are good you may know someone who
calls Cisco their home
     Michael Marcian
CEO, Corporate Communications Group
away from home. Of course, we’re talking about work! In our cover story, we introduce you to one of Cisco’s marketing geniuses, Carmen Shirkey Collins. Carmen can truly claim
the title “zero to hero” for growing Cisco’s Instagram
account from 0 to more than 15,000 organic followers in one year and taking @WeAreCisco Twitter followers from 2,000 to 25,000—all by using employee stories, photos, and sentiment to paint a picture of life at Cisco. As the Senior Social Media and Talent Brand Manager, Carmen takes talent brand marketing to a new level. Read more about Carmen and her social media marketing approach in our cover story on page 6.
We round out this issue with a fun review of Bombas’s marketing, a look
at podcasting and how it is taking engagement with target audiences and consumers by storm, and an exploration of how mobile marketers need to be in the know when it comes to apps and mobile ad fraud (estimated to be costing mobile-marketing advertisers
an estimated $800 million per quarter!).
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Here’s hoping your fall brings favorite football team wins, cool evenings shared with friends and family, and a killer marketing plan to start the new year!
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                          01 Welcome
Letter from the CEO, plus a selection of the key contributors writing in
this issue.
02 Insights
Ideas, opinions, news, and trends.
06 Cover Story
Interview with Carmen Shirkey Collins, Senior Social Media and Brand Talent Manager at Cisco.
10 Brands We Love
A review of the marketing of Bombas socks and why it works!
12 Why Podcasts Are All the Rage Forty-eight million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, six million more than in 2017. Are podcasts part of your marketing strategy?
16 Spotlight
Eight Marketing Plans today’s marketers use.

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