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                                Grand Format at CCG
What do you do when you have a temporary exhibit being showcased in a historical building, and very large graphics and signage are part of the visual communication equation? You call your friends at Corporate Communications Group!
That’s exactly what The Corcoran Museum School of Art and Design (George Washington University) did when they realized they would need to apply creativity and ingenuity to produce and install the graphics without risking damage to the building’s architecture.
CCG and the team at The Corcoran Museum came up with a unique way
to install the graphics, utilizing posts
and ledges, without jeopardizing the architectural integrity of the building. The graphics shown here were done in support of The Sustainable Native Communities Collaboration. The “Bridging Boundaries” exhibit is described by Joseph Kunkel
from SNCC as “a focus on work with tribal communities to gain self-sufficiency, improve impact in the natural world and develop healthy and green communities.” n
 The U.S. Lacrosse team looked at grey cinderblock walls for the last time right before our grand format team swooped in and put on the show by installing this beautiful and inspiring patriotic wall vinyl.
“The team wanted every person who entered their locker room to be swept away with an intense feeling of patriotism and pride,” said Christa O’Brien, CCG. She added “the more we looked at it, the more we felt that we could actually bring life and movement to the walls by using wall vinyl to showcase an enormous American flag in full glory, waving as if it were being naturally unfurled in the wind.” The result is an intense feeling of being surrounded by our stars and stripes every time players and media enter or exit the room.
When luxe residential apartment complex Lydian + Lyric and Gold Dog Communications sat down with CCG, they wanted to achieve three things with their window graphics: “wow” – they were looking for distinctive graphics that would have a memorable “wow” factor for their brand; “sunlight” – they wanted to allow in plenty of sunlight for the interior areas inside the beautifully framed windows; and “privacy” – they needed to be able
to maintain a desired level of privacy for those inside the building.
Check out our grand format capabilities at: capabilities/grand-format
Using optically clear vinyl, the three teams collaborated to create this stunning detailed window graphic that was strategically designed and placed to allow natural sunlight to flood into the space when the drapes are opened, while providing a beautiful backdrop of neutral color to enhance the simple elegance
of the white graphics when closed. It
was the perfect combination of privacy and openness, with a splash of “wow”! Making a prominent visual statement, the graphics present the Lydian + Lyric brand to every passerby.

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