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      With brands of all sizes embracing original podcasting as part of their digital strategy, there is no doubt that it has gained momentum as a content marketing tactic. And audiences will continue to grow exponentially as smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home offer podcasts in response to user interests and as streaming services such as Spotify continue adding podcasting to their membership levels. The challenge for marketers is that this is a long-term strategy that doesn’t show success overnight. Your brand should start small, with the audience and community you already know, where you have a credible presence. Generate entertaining and educational branded podcast content in a format that works for both your brand and your audience. Soon your simple and sincere requests for listeners to share with colleagues or fellow consumers will provide a new way to organically amplify your brand to a new audience. n
Podcast Tips
Fall 2018
   Length and Frequency
 Daily podcasts should run between 1 and 15 minutes
 Once- or twice-per-week podcasts should run 15 to
60 minutes
 Monthly podcasts should run 1 to 1.5 hours
 Don’t publish once every two months or at odd frequencies, as this makes it impossible to attract and maintain a following!
   What’s in a Name?
It’s always a good idea for the podcast name (and description) to accurately reflect the topic or industry the podcast serves. This will help podcast listeners find you in searches. Check out these great names of podcasts that are popular among our designer friends.
99% Invisible Ever wonder how inflatable men came to be regular fixtures at used-car showrooms? Curious about the origin of the fortune cookie? Want to know why Sigmund Freud opted for a couch over an armchair? Wonder no longer. 99% Invisible answers the questions you’ve forever pondered and more.
Creative Waffle This short-format podcast brings the best designers, artists, and creatives to its listeners, sharing tips, advice, and insight into the design world.
A Piece of Work A podcast hosted by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson, A Piece of Work covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about contemporary art but were too afraid to ask. You’ll find no pretention here, just interesting commentary.
Ideas to Get You Started
The Reflex Blue Show Touted as one of
the best podcasts covering the graphic design industry, The Reflex Blue Show was founded in 2008. It’s since grown to include a webcomic, 1PT.Rule, as well as an online shop and video reviews.
The Accidental Creative The Accidental Creative provides tips and interviews with industry leaders to millions of listeners every week. Having been running for over a decade, it’s a solid choice for artists and designers seeking inspiration.
The Poster Boys Designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith discuss the best movie posters, teasers, and campaigns to catch their collective eye over the past year. They chat design trends, film branding, and the importance of context when comparing the work of agencies with that of freelancers, all the while drawing on their own experiences.
   1. Interviews–Invitepeoplewithinfluenceinyournichetosharetheirknowledge,expertise,orskill.Theymaycome from your local community, guest-booking services, social media, or an association or club you belong to.
2. Common Interests – Think of things you like that your target listeners might also be interested in. Example: If you are a college or university, you could host a podcast for incoming students on the best places to shop for the trendiest college-branded apparel.
3. Q&A Episodes – Conduct surveys and review the findings. Attend meetups to identify areas of concern and develop a Q&A around them.
4. Book Reviews – Whether it’s a business book, a book specific to your industry, or one that would be of interest to your target audience, pull five great takeaways and discuss why you liked them and how they could help your audience.
5. Meet Our Community – Go out to your podcast community and identify and interview interesting people. Be candid and natural and look for interesting stories that your listeners could relate to.
6. Nice to “Meet” You – Interview employees, allowing them to talk about their jobs and the company, and encourage people to consider similar positions within the organization.
7. Founders/CEOs–InterviewfoundersorCEOsofclientorganizationsorpartnerorganizations.
8. Weekly Critiques/Reviews – Conduct a weekly recap or critique of the top five announcements or news stories in your industry, complete with your thoughts and opinions.
 The gear to get going!
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