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      clean, colorful images of the socks. Bold CTAs encouraging customers to “shop this pack” are interspersed throughout the design.
Bombas has been applauded for its inventive, effective email campaigns. The brand has employed the full-service email-management company
Email Aptitude (recently acquired by Elite SEM) to bolster its efforts, and as a result of this partnership, they’ve seen a 3X increase in email revenue, an 88 percent decrease in list attrition, and a 125 percent increase in monthly conversions.
Bombas’s email strategy masters the balance among copy, visuals, and relatable subject matter. In a recent campaign sent with the subject line, “What the Bombas blister tab means for you,”
a large, animated image showcases a common problem and immediately offers a simple solution. The campaign addresses a topic nearly everyone can relate to—heel blisters—and presents the Bombas solution of comfortable socks with a built- in “blister tab.” Another campaign features “kid testimonials” with accompanying messaging about Bombas’s kid-friendly features, such as no-slip grip and soft, heavy-duty fabric.
Bombas invests heavily in Instagram and
other social media ads too. One video distributed via a sponsored post on Facebook, for example, highlighted the brand’s story and celebrated its
five millionth pair of socks donated. The video hammered home Bombas’s social message to boot—“This is the most important pair of socks in the world,” the video decrees. Bombas’s Instagram ads are tailored to several different lifestyle profiles, including fitness enthusiasts, families, and “at- leisure” aficionados. In every ad, the socks are prominently featured and, well, they simply look cool—and the social-good messaging is an ever- present element that subtly nudges customers toward a purchase they can feel proud of. (We’re not going to lie: they really make us want to buy these socks.) n
Fall 2018
     What Your Brand Can Learn from Bombas
 A cause marketing slam dunk delivers the message of a purpose-driven mission.
Eighty percent of consumers believe that businesses should play a role in addressing societal issues, and 91 percent of consumers said they would likely switch to a brand that supports a good cause. Bombas does a fantastic job of pairing a message of social impact with snappy visuals of their high-quality products. This tactic accomplishes a remarkable task: it makes customers feel good about spending $12–15 on a single pair of socks. Having a clear, genuine purpose and brand mission is an easy way to foster positive brand associations.
Omnichannel marketing with a “problem, solution” message gets results.
In addition to email campaigns, Bombas employs a few out-of-the- box marketing tactics, such as personalized direct mail sent out using data gathered from online customer and prospect interactions. They also advertise on podcasts—an interesting choice for such a visual brand, but one that has proven effective for driving sales, according to Bombas’s CMO, Kate Huyett. In other words, experimenting with not- so-obvious marketing channels can have major payoff, particularly when paired with a “problem, solution” message.
A little consistency goes a long way.
This isn’t exactly a novel insight when it comes to marketing, but Bombas proves exactly how important a consistent look can be. From font to imagery to the company’s signature honeycomb design, every element of Bombas’s marketing aligns with its carefully constructed brand identity—which leads to instant brand recognition, regardless of channel.
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