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               Brands get in on the action via digital avenues as well. Adobe, for instance, has been known to publish Photoshop tutorials on how to implement the COY into digital designs and templates. Content marketers may consider releasing a COY gift guide that aligns with various holidays throughout the year; Mother’s Day, Earth Day, and Valentine’s Day may be apt occasions to showcase products available in Living Coral, for instance.
Brands with a particular tie to a COY selection may even consider directly including the color in their campaigns. Last year, UV LED company IRTronix touted the 2018 Ultra Violet in an online ad campaign with the copy “Ultra Violet—it’s what we do, only we do it BETTER with LED technology.” This year, any organization with a focus on vacation travel, the ocean, or sustainability in general could use Living Coral in topical marketing campaigns.
Pressman explains that this year’s color is more than just another pretty swatch. It aligns with social causes such as climate awareness.
“Living Coral represents the enhanced influence that color has on perception and experience, more powerful than a fleeting fad,” she says. “As a shade that affirms life through a dual role of energizing and nourishing, Living Coral reinforces how colors can embody our collective experience and help to answer the needs of society and culture.”
Pressman also emphasizes the role that color plays in attracting consumer attention. Color, she notes, elicits an inherently emotional response from audiences. This is an important consideration in a marketing landscape that’s trending toward highly visual experiences.
“As the most buzzed-about program for Pantone, the [COY] is a moment in time that highlights the importance color plays in our world as an expression of mood, sentiment, or feeling, which is just as powerful for brands and designers as it is for color-loving consumers,” says Pressman.
Marketers planning to get creative with Living Coral this year should include the #COY2019 hashtag in their social media campaigns. n
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